These articles and essays have been produced over a period of time (that on Evolution is more than 10 years old) for a variety of purposes.  Nevertheless, they contain much material not easily available in any one other place.  I hope they will be of use and interest.

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The Parables of Jesus
Women in Scripture
The World around us speaks
Development of The Early Church
The God Particle - Notes (Also download file below)
The God Particle - PowerPoint PDF (To be used in conjunction with file above)
Romans Part 1
Romans Part 2
The Lord's Prayer
The Eucharist: Its Meaning and Significance
Human Sexuality - A Christian Perspective
The Atonement
The Chosen People
The Gospel of John - Part 1- Chapters 1-11
The Gospel of John - Part 2 - Chapters 12-21
Jesus: The Lamb Of God

Jesus: His Life and Work

An Overview of the Bible

The Evolution of Life and the Universe A Biblical Perspective   

The Scientific Evidence for God  

The Dangers and Deceptions of the Da Vinci Code
The Dawkins Delusion

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