The Objectives of the Trust are:

A) Service and assistance worldwide, but with special emphasis on deprived areas (currently Third World and the Eastern bloc), teaching and leadership development.

B) Relief of need and poverty.

C) Development and Education Programmes.

Project Evaluation

Our approach is 'hands on'. The Trustees meet, visit all major projects and evaluate on an ongoing basis. We are committed to a wise use of time and resources, and many projects are eliminated, if they do not meet the stringent criteria. Funding is not a master. Our policy is to support in a manner that establishes ultimate independence and self help, and reduces reliance on outside assistance.

CAT Reports

We currently have two reports available for you to download and read at your convenience. These reports highlight the development of CAT projects and are illustrated with colour photographs. Please 'click' the buttons below to download the Word document reports. 

CAT Report for 1999

CAT Report for 2000

Administrative Costs

We aim to keep administration costs to an absolute minimum. In recent years, all the costs of operating the Trust were just 2% of the total amount disbursed, and less than 2% of its income. This privilege is afforded through the generosity of the founding Trustees, who provide the capital and administrative base for the Trust.

David and Pauline Sinclair (Founder trustees)

Janet Simpson

Dave Pope

The Trust is always evaluating new opportunities to attract new funding and release resources. The infrastructure exists to manage an ever-extending range of services to fulfil the objectives of the Trust.