These articles and essays have been produced over a period of time for a variety of purposes.  Nevertheless, they contain much material not easily available in any one other place.  I hope they will be of use and interest.

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The Scriptural Support for Arianism   

The Council of Chalcedon   

A Personal Creed

The Table Talk of Martin Luther is a famous book containing many of the sayings and some of the theological ideas of Martin Luther.  Some of this material was gathered from around the dinner table.  Thus, my modern “Table Talk” is theological discussion around the dinner table, accompanied by a good meal and a few glasses of wine.  For each session the participants take it in turn to select one or more topics for discussion and circulate these to the other participants.  The following pages list the topics for each session and my own prepared material (which does not reflect discussion around the table) as mediator of these sessions.

Talk 1  

Talk 2  

Talk 3  

Talk 4  

Talk 5  

Talk 6  


Talk 7  

Talk 8  


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